Individual Coaching


Shokti Leadership Coaching helps executives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to increase their impact as leaders.

Integral Coaching® goes well beyond the limited effectiveness of training. It is about building competency through observation and practice.  It is about working towards mastery.

Our coaching methodology integrates psychology, linguistics, physiology, neuroscience, ontology, behavioral science, philosophy, and many other disciplines to offer unsurpassed results to both individuals and organizations.

A typical coaching engagement is six months in duration.

Understanding the Integral Coaching® Process

1. Assessment – Learn about yourself
We spend time learning about you—the whole person. We also gather information through 360-degree feedback surveys and Enneagram personality assessments.

2. Identify Goals – Define your objectives
You specify your desired goals. We translate them into competency-based and measurable outcomes that support your developmental wants and needs. 

3. Customized Development Plan – A program as unique as you
We custom-design an Integral Coaching® program to address your desired goals and outcomes, taking into account your entire person, the professional and cultural context in which you live and work, and data from the assessments.

4. Individualized Coaching – Attention you deserve
Through coaching sessions every other week, we put the program into practice. We help you identify ways to apply your new insights, and address obstacles as they arise (they always do; it’s natural).

5. Review – Your progress towards long-term excellence
In addition to assessing your progress towards the outcomes throughout the program, we make sure that by the end of the coaching engagement, you have the ability to build on what you learned on your journey towards mastery.

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“Sri is a results-oriented coach with an exceptional ability to identify the root issues that are limiting professional growth and your personal satisfaction. The Integral approach gave me tools that I can apply in any situation, whether high stakes negotiations, difficult employee issues, or challenging team environments. I felt empowered, more confident, and a higher level of personal satisfaction after working with her. I highly recommend Sri as an excellent coach who will help you get results.”
— AJ McCardell, Global Vice President, Microbiology Solutions at Covance