About Shokti


Shokti means power or strength

Shokti Leadership Coaching works with executives and business professionals who want to increase their leadership impact.

We are a network of Integral Coaches® led by Srirupa Dasgupta, principal. We are lifelong students of the human experience and dedicated to making the world a better place through our work.

Through our Integral Coaching® program, our clients are able to integrate and sustain new behaviors and cultivate new habits to increase their impact and contribution to their organization’s bottom line.

We work with the whole person, taking into consideration their physical and emotional condition, as well as the cultural context and physical environment in which they live and work. Our coaching methodology integrates psychology, linguistics, physiology, neuroscience, ontology, behavioral science, philosophy, and many other disciplines to offer unsurpassed results to individuals and organizations.

Srirupa DasguptaMeet Sri

Srirupa Dasgupta, Principal and certified Integral Coach®, brings to her coaching practice a deep understanding of the leader’s role in building successful organizations. Read more.